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Enhance your benefits offering with the right combination of resources to improve financial wellness in your organization. From retirement planning options, to insurance, and other voluntary benefits – MassMutual helps people prepare for what’s now and what’s next in their financial journey through life.

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During these unprecedented times, having a partner you can rely on is more important than ever. Explore our video content below to learn how MassMutual can support you and the participants you serve for all of your retirement planning needs.

Webinar and Podcast Replays

 CARES Act Podcast: What you need to know
In this podcast, Eric Leverson, Lead Regulatory Consultant, gives an overview of the CARES Act and its potential implication for plan sponsors and their participants.

 CARES Act and Loan Suspensions
In our 7-minute podcast, Eric Leverson, Lead Regulatory Consultant, provides an overview of the new loan suspension alternative and other options available to participants.

 IRS Clarifies the CARES Act
This podcast, hosted by MassMutual's Eric Leverson provides futher details, provided by the IRS on the CARES Act.

 Your Retirement Plan Now and Into Recovery
In this podcast, Eric Leverson, Lead Regulatory Consultant, provides information relevant to employer and participant contribution and provides reminders about allowing new and re-hired participants into your plan.

 Preparing for the Unknown
A conversation with MassMutual's Eric Leverson about adapting to current circumstances and preparing to face whatever comes next.

 Witnessing Spousal Consent Amid Social Distancing
This podcast, hosted by MassMutual's Eric Leverson speaks to the guidance the IRS delivered on June 3rd, easing the physical presence requirement for spousal consent.

 The SECURE Act - Part 1: The SECURE Act Offers New Opportunities
An overview of the SECURE Act, which offers significant retirement plans opportunities. In this short podcast, Eric Leverson, Lead Regulatory Consultant, speaks to those provisions provided by the SECURE Act that can help simplify or enhance your retirement plan, including some “Safe Harbor” rules changed and in-service access to specific retirement assets eased under certain circumstances and options and considerations for changes you can make to simplify plan administration and further benefit participants.

 The SECURE Act - Part 2: The SECURE Act - A Look Ahead
Eric Leverson, MassMutual’s Lead Regulatory Consultant addresses provisions of the SECURE Act that become effective in the near future and how you can prepare for them now.

 CARES Act Webinar
During this live webinar, Michele Baldasarre, Head of Mid & Institutional Relationship Management, and team will provide a general overview of the CARES Act so plan sponsors can prepare for what's on the horizon.

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Thought Leadership

Blog Listing

Your Retirement Plan and the Coronavirus
This article attempts to answer some common questions relating to retirement plans from the standpoint of both plan sponsors and participants, with regards to the CARES Act.

Chronic Care Overview
This brochure features an in-depth explanation of the Chronic Care Benefit, now available on Group Life Insurance certificates.

Chronic Care Case Studies 
This brochure highlights two case studies demonstrating the value that the Chronic Care Benefit can provide to employers as well as employees.

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