Fiduciary Resources

Navigating fiduciary responsibilities and regulations can be complicated. Our resources make it easy to help meet those obligations.

Fiduciary Support Analyzer Tool

Capitalize on opportunities while reducing a plan fiduciary’s risk by helping your clients and prospects assess their level of fiduciary support with the Fiduciary Support Analyzer. We know time is of the essence when you are trying to grow a business, the Fiduciary Support Analyzer tool provides:

  •  nine simple questions
  •  real-time feedback
  •  education
  •  personalized output

In a matter of minutes, your clients and prospects can understand their fiduciary responsibilities and can take action to obtain the support they need to help meet their fiduciary obligations.

What is the Fiduciary Support Analyzer?

The analyzer uses a series of nine questions to uncover if a plan sponsor is possibly at risk of not having enough fiduciary support by assessing their:

  •  Knowledge of being a fiduciary
  •  Level of support in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities
  •  Access to fiduciary resources and tools

How does it work?

The analyzer offers an opportunity for financial professionals to help sponsors evaluate their level of fiduciary support and help determine if their current level is the right amount for them. Each time a selected answer is indicative of increased risk due to lack of fiduciary support, the risk meter moves further into the red, signifying a potential need for additional fiduciary support.

As a set of questions is completed, the analyzer will pause to review highlights of the section and to help educate your clients on fiduciary fundamentals, responsibilities, and opportunities.

Once all nine questions are completed, you and your client will receive a personalized report via email that will provide a comprehensive picture of their fiduciary support needs, giving you an opportunity to show them how they can garner more fiduciary support and services to help meet their obligations with ease.

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Fiduciary Calendar

Populate your calendar with key deadlines and reminders to help you track and fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

Fiduciary Planning Guide

An interactive guide to help outline who fiduciaries are, their responsibilities and liabilities, and how they can fulfill their fiduciary duties by taking voluntary action and mitigating risk.

Am I a fiduciary?

The fiduciary landscape is a confusing terrain for employers. In a recent employer survey1 , 40% of employers said their company wasn’t a fiduciary or they weren’t sure. Another 40% of plans working with advisors indicated fiduciary support is even more important than reducing plan costs. Historically, it's one of the most complex and misunderstood parts of administering a retirement plan. And not every employer has the time and resources to stay on top of it all. In simplest terms, if you select investments for a plan or hire someone to do it for you, you have fiduciary responsibilities.


Fiduciary Assure is looking out for you

Employers clearly recognize that fiduciary concerns are a top priority for their company, and they want advisors who can help them navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Advisors can bring more value to their clients with MassMutual’s Fiduciary Assure program, which helps employers manage their fiduciary responsibility.

Fiduciary Assure, powered by Envestnet Retirement Solutions, LLC (ERS), is here to support you with independent third-party investment advice services. By providing investment recommendations that are compliant with ERISA Section 404(c), the Fiduciary Assure service may help insulate against legal claims that can result from offering inadequate or inappropriate investments.

Fiduciary Assure is better than ever. Now you can also say goodbye to piles of paperwork and reports. The Fiduciary Assure program offers employers e-signature capability and plan-specific reporting, all delivered on the web.

Learn more about Fiduciary Assure’s 3(21) and 3(38) services below (subject to broker firm availability).

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Being a Fiduciary

Are you a fiduciary? Learn what defines a fiduciary along with which roles, titles, and responsibilities fit the definition.


Meeting Your Fiduciary Obligations

Do you want to go it alone or would you like to get help from an independent fiduciary to meet ERISA fiduciary obligations? Learn more about your options for getting help.

Accessing Fiduciary Resources and Tools

Learn about the tools and resources that can help support you in your role as a fiduciary.

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