Our innovative tools help keep your workplace relevant by improving employer-sponsored benefits programs and driving better benefits outcomes. We’re transforming the future at work by connecting all the dots across the entire employee benefits landscape and making complicated choices simple for employers and their employees.


Enables employees to make more informed decisions about their finances at every life stage.

Personalized Guidance

Creates a unique financial wellness score (0 to 100) to help employees gauge their current financial health.

Empowers Employees

Delivers simple, actionable ways for employees to help improve their score through a “to-do” list.

Easy to Integrate

Provides easy-to-understand information about how employees can prioritize and optimize their finances.

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Introduction to Financial Wellness

Introduction to MapMyFinances

An innovative financial wellness guidance tool

Comprehensive benefits

While most planning tools only pertain to one kind of benefit, MapMyFinances can provide employees with a customized prioritization of how to allocate benefit dollars across protection and retirement products to help meet their needs.

Easy, online guidance 24/7

When employees want help choosing and prioritizing available benefits, MapMyFinances is available anytime to create a simple benefits action plan tailored to their specific situation and budget.

Self-service efficiency

Easy access to answers can help reduce incoming calls and email traffic for benefits management teams. When employees are more educated about their options, they can make smarter choices. They’ll also gain a better understanding of the value of an organization’s benefit offerings.

MapMyFinances can help you build stronger client relationships.

Call 1-855-877-6161 or email to learn more.

Guidance may not be available for certain products. Guidance is based on MapMyFinances assumptions and information provided by the employee and employer.


Driving Plan Health Innovation

How healthy is your organization's retirement plan? Are your employees on target to be able to retire? Our proprietary data analysis can bring insights and action to improve the health of your retirement plan.

Retirement Readiness and the Bottom Line

A growing number of businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of their employees’ "retirement readiness" due to its potential impact on the organization’s bottom results, including higher labor costs, increased healthcare premiums, and lower productivity due to financial stress.

Real Data Means Better Outcomes

The problem employers sometimes face when trying to determine the retirement readiness of their employees is that plan analytics can fall short, since they generally rely on industry averages and benchmarks.

That's why MassMutual developed an innovative way to enable employers to use real data both at the plan level and at the participant levels, to diagnose the financial wellness of participants and the ability of the plan to drive retirement readiness. Our tools can help you identify smart solutions, measure progress and determine ongoing adjustments to improve participants' financial wellness outcomes and ultimately, help improve your organizations bottom line.

Driving Employee Engagement

We understand the importance of getting employees to participate in their employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, and we’ve developed a proven strategy to engage employees and encourage them to take action. We can foster better outcomes for plan participants through:

  • Financial planning tools to help assess and improve retirement readiness and improve overall financial wellness.
  • MapMyFinances tool, which provides a comprehensive game plan for financial wellness tailored to their personal situation.
  • Sophisticated targeted messaging delivered year-round.
  • Virtual or onsite education workshops.

Experience MassMutual

We can help drive better outcomes for your organization’s retirement plan and help your employees retire on their own terms.

Call your financial professional, local MassMutual retirement specialist or our sales desk at 1-800-874-2502, or email

Guidance may not be available for certain products. Based on MapMyFinances assumptions and information provided by the employee and employer.


Is a financially unprepared workforce impacting an organization’s bottom line?

The ability to retire on time has a financial impact on employers and their employees that is real. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles employers face in addressing the savings gap and helping employees to retire on time is knowing where to begin. That’s why we developed Viability, our proprietary retirement plan analytic tool, that uses real plan data to help quantify the projected economic costs of delayed retirement to an organization.

Help your employees

The Viability approach can help employers apply smart plan design to improve employee retirement readiness and boost plan health.

Look like a rockstar

Get access to data-based recommendations to better prepare your employees for retirement.

Financially viable companies start with financially healthy employees

Every employer wants their retirement-age employees to be ready for that moment. That’s why Viability is so essential. It can help demonstrate the potential cost to employers when they don't have a viable plan for their employees by showing them the numbers.

Discover how Viability works

The Viability solution uses a plan sponsor’s own data about employee contributions and investments, as well as other measures, to produce a report that can help illustrate the current state of retirement readiness of employees.  The report displays the potential long-term potential cost to employers of their employees not being ready to retire.  We’ll then work with your financial professional so that you and your financial professional can determine which plan design, participant education, and investment strategies can help drive better outcomes. You will see how the report changes based on the techniques being employed, offering proof of which may work best.

The Viability analysis is free, no matter the size of the client, and it’s only available through your financial professional.

To find out more about this innovative, data-based approach to retirement planning, call your financial professional, local MassMutual retirement specialist, or our Sales Desk at 1-800-874-2502, option 4.